“We enhance your natural beauty so that you look radiant and feel yourself“

Make UP &Hair Expert

How is the ideal bride...?

We know that each bride is unique, that’s why I refuse to apply conventional solutions and always treat each one in a totally personalized way.

The potential of a bride lies in her natural beauty and to get the best out of her I need to make a prior study of your personality, facial features and preferences. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe during the process in that the final makeup should highlight your most positive traits and reflect your personality.

“The result is a bride who looks confident and radiant, with greater strength”

Bridal Makeup

Makeup and hairstyle should be in line with the dress and, needless to say, with style of the bride. The makeup test is essential to define that style and start the design of the Bride Look. In it, we will make the necessary tests according to your tastes to find the one that best suits you.

Bridal makeup should be natural because it is not about having a face mask / wearing a mask, but transmitting an essence. We will choose shades and colors that make you feel comfortable and safe in an elegant way.

The most important thing is to get a harmonic and balanced makeup, which enhances your natural beauty.

El maquillaje de novia debe ser natural porque no se trata de ‘disfrazar’, se trata de trasmitir una esencia. Elegiremos tonos y colores que te hagan sentir cómoda y segura de manera elegante.

Lo más importante es conseguir un maquillaje armónico y equilibrado, que resalte tu belleza natural sin grandes excesos.

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Bridal hairstyle

It is important that the hairstyle be combined with the dress and accentuate its strong points.

Updos are the hairstyles par excellence chosen by brides, as they are considered more elegant and appropriate for sculpting the face. High bows are ideal for ballerina dresses, with strapless neckline or tight bodies and floaty skirts made of tulle, while low bows are fabulous for dresses with daring necklines on the back.

Trends are constantly changing, and there is an increasing tendency towards semi-updos and braids that create original looks for young brides. Their main advantage is that they are very versatile hairstyles that fit almost any dress and/or accessory.

Last but not least, loose hair is another elegant option if the hair looks loose, well groomed and combed. Ideal for today’s brides if we find the balance between the dress and hair.

A loose, water wavy hair is perfect if, for example, you opt for boatneckline dresses or backless dresses. Also enhance the look with straight cut dresses of Greek style or boho.

The important thing is that the final outfit- dress, makeup and hairstyle- should combine with harmony and balance/ should be harmonious and balanced.