“Dazzle on every occasion“

Do you want to learn how to makeup like a professional?

Makeup plays a fundamental role in achieving the desired image. Learn how to make the most of it and wear the right image for each occasion. Day, night, special events… together we will enhance your beauty with simple techniques in a quick and practical way.



An intimate and personal session designed to intensify your natural beauty while respecting your own style. In it we will see all the techniques of makeup and skin care and I will advise you to choose the tones and intensities that most favor you.

– Explanation and knowledge of the most suitable products and tools for you according to your skin type.

– Study of Visagism (shape of the face and elements to power and / or correct them)

– Tips on basic makeup. Products and treatments to use

– Application of make-up techniques


Discover the secrets of makeup in the company of whoever you choose. We will see the different types of makeup, from the simplest to the most sophisticated and everything in a pleasant atmosphere. Coffee, music, friends…

– Explanation and knowledge of the most suitable products and tools for each type of skin.

– Study of Visagism (shape of the face and elements to enhance and / or correct)

– Advice on make-up. Products and treatments to use

– Different types of makeup, day, night, party…

– Application of make-up techniques


 *These courses include products to practise.


During the workshop, there will be a complete demonstration and application technique step by step.

  • Preparing and perfecting the skin
  • Corrections: Dark circles, stains, marks…
  • Make-up bases. Application
  • Sealing the skin with powdered products
  • Contouring
  • Correct application of sun and blush powders
  • Skin illumination (strategic points)
  • Lips (application and sealing techniques)
  • Eyes Makeup:
    • Natural look
    • Sophisticated look (defined look)
    • Smoked look
  • Eyebrow Makeup
  • Eyelashes Mask . Correct application

In this course we will learn the techniques so that you know how to makeup like a real professional.

At the end of the course we will have a coffee break where we will be able to chat animatedly and to solve any doubt that you have left.